Obtaining a liquor, wine or beer license is essential to your business.  Sometimes the success or a failure of a business depends on obtaining a liquor license.  At Trivedi Law Group P.C., we realize the importance of obtaining a liquor licnese for your business.

Nevertheless, the process of obtaining a liquor license is a time consuming and complex.  We guide the client from the beginning discussion on how to structure the transaction and to plan ahead so that when the client is ready to take over the business or open for business, liquor license has been approved.  We advise our clients with respect to the multitude of requirements and restrictions governing liquor licenses within the State of New York and what information and documentation is necessary to complete the application.  As a law firm, we can determine in advance obstacle that we may face and we overcome challenges so that client can plan to open for business.  From onset of sending out letter to the community board to board hearing before the New York State Liquor Authority, we will be there for you and advocate you and guide you on how to handle tough questions.

Whether you are seeking to open a new business and seek a new liquor license or seeking to purchase an existing business, you will require a new liquor license and the process is the same.  Please call us and discuss the option of possibility of having a liquor license at your business.  Please call Trivedi Law Group P.C. for a free consultation at 516-470-1379

In addition to liquor licenses, Trivedi Law Group P.C. is knowledgeable in all of the licensing requirement of retail businesses, such as cigarette license, lottery license, EBT and others.  Mr. Trivedi has been representing retail businesses for over 20 years and he is knowledgeable of what documents are required in order to ensure that the license is obtained.

Please call Trivedi Law Group P.C. for a free consultation at 516-470-1379


    1. Liquor licenses, including grocery beer, restaurant wine and liquor.
    2. Lottery
    3. Cigarette
    4. Food Processing license
    5. EBT